A radio RJ selects does work at the radio station by broadcasting and selecting music. If they opt so, they can specialize in a particular music type and also they can comment on current affairs. To be a RJ it requires zeal to either wake up at wee hours or go for night shifts. The job is very competitive and thus to be a successful radio RJ you must adhere to this steps.


1: An undergraduate program

To become a radio RJ, you must enroll for a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program in broadcast journalism or communication.


2: Internship

Universities and colleges offer students with participation opportunities in radio station internship. They might not be on air however they will learn the experience, to develop contacts and network in that industry.


3: Getting on Air

Getting on-air opportunities with a college radio station is easy. Campuses offer hands-on environs to help students gain the real experience. The stations are 24 hour orientated thus students can engage in nighttime and daytime listeners. They learn of ethics, broadcasting law and of FCC rules.



Conjoin a reel. Prospective radio RJs require a reel to get a job. Disc jockeys must edit their perfect work reels and send them to a potential employer. Regardless of the education or experience radio stations must hear how you sound while you’re on the air.


4: Hone skills at small market stations


BLS understands that these RJs have to be comfortable and relaxed with their personalities while on air as well as build a small market reputation before heading to large market stations. It provides tailoring opportunities to RJs to help them with better engaging announcing style to have an audience retained. Professionals need to relocate to other bigger markets to have their career advanced. And to get to bigger markets, those large studios emphasize and depend on your small market ratings to hire you.



Be versatile. You must take your time and be zealous enough to have experience in various aspects when you are working in smaller markets. Gain experience in air-time adverts, social media updates as well as appearing in promotions. Such versatile lessons are vital to get hired in larger stations.


That being said you must have courage and self-esteem to become successful here. Good luck in becoming one!