A Radio Jockey or a Radio Presenter is a career that is widely known by the young generation on radio that has come up and spread as a popular profession in the recent years. Due to a variety and increase of radio shows on different stations, most station owners have come up with ways to engage their listeners by hiring radio jockeys. As exciting as it sounds, it is a quite challenging job because it mostly requires creativity by entertaining, engaging listeners as well as bonding with them.


Who is a Radio Jockey?


A Jockey must be dynamic and display a lot of enthusiasm because he is always expected to come up with fresh ideas on a day to day basis as well as have a love and a deep passion for music. Besides that, in his profile, he is to have excellent communication skills with a unique voice appeal that is integral when interviewing guests, delivering news and weather forecasts, chatting with listeners and also managing contests on his show.


Eligibility of a Radio Jockey:


Having a good voice and a pleasant personality is not just enough, some training is required if one is to become a radio host. Natural talent is essential but acquiring the professional know-how on radio is equally as important. Nowadays, there are a number of institutions that offers theoretical as well as the practical knowledge to becoming a good radio host. Radio broadcasting and a bachelor’s degree in mass communication are one of the many courses that are offered in most universities. It is not a prerequisite for one to hold a bachelor’s degree to become a professional radio host, diplomas from college institutions that are well recognized also suffice.

Since the market is quite competitive, a good radio jockey should possess the following:

Qualities of a Radio Jockey:

– A good radio host should possess a good voice that displays strong communication skills, and if necessary, acquire a unique way of communicating to his audience.

– He should also be fluent and articulate in the language required at the radio station and a good command on local dialects.

– He should be well versed and knowledgeable on current situations and also be conversant with the latest trends.

– He should possess a great sense of humor, a wide knowledge of music and a creative mind.

– A good radio jockey should at least be acquainted with the who’s who in his country and possess the ability to interview hosted guests on the show.

– He should have a friendly personality and have the innate ability to interact with different kinds of people from all walks of life.

– He should be flexible, willing to work different work shifts in order to maintain his audience.

– A good jockey should also be able to handle the latest electronic gadgets.


With that in mind, knowing that a large population listens to music, it is important to note that nowadays most radio stations opt for Jockeys with 2-3 years of experience. In a generation that is fast-paced with shifting trends, a qualified and trained jockey is a must have.