A bathroom is apparently one of the important rooms of your house, as you get to spend some significant amount of time in it. Amazingly, some individuals find the bathroom to be a more comforting place to be than other rooms of their houses and may choose to relax in their bathrooms. Therefore, at times you might find it essential to put in some effort and renovate your bathroom for the better.

One of the challenges you can face is being in possession of a small bathroom space that might as well lower down your desire to remodel your bathroom. However, there are a few tips that can be of help when it comes to bathroom renovations of  small bathroom spaces:


  1.  Choose bright wall colors:

For the wall area which you won’t fit mirrors on, consider using light colors. The use of light colors creates an increased space impression, and besides, they seem more relaxing than the dull colors.

  1.  Light up your space:

Using bright light for your bathroom can do wonders and make you feel as if the room is quite larger than it looks. Whenever you have the ability, make sure then to maximize the use of natural light. A skylight can work things out in the desired way. If you may not access enough natural light, then using adjustable artificial lights is a brilliant idea.

  1.  Get rid of barriers if you can:

One of the most efficient solutions you will encounter is doing away with one side of your bathroom, so as to expand your bathroom in one direction. This solution, however, might prove quite expensive, as you will have to reconstruct a new wall, as well as pay for the major plumbing and wiring improvements.

  1.  Put you fixtures against the walls:

Another good idea for the enlargement of your bathroom is to make sure that your bathtubs, toilets, sinks and the likes are close to the wall if not in contact with it. Preferably, you could go for corner sinks. This alignment of your bathroom will leave you with a seemingly large area at the middle of your bathroom.

  1.  Change your flooring:

You might as well want to apply some changes to your flooring and use light colors, as this will create the impression of an open and airy space. You might consider going for different kinds of materials for your floor, depending on your preferences.

  1.  Put your storage outside your bathroom:

It is an advisable idea to move your shelves somewhere outside your bathroom, maybe at the hallway that leads to your bathroom or at another place you find convenient. If you feel that is not appropriate for you, you might as well prefer to install your cabinets and shelves on the wall, but at a slightly higher position. This can be at a height just above the one of your head.

  1.  Strategically install some mirrors:

One significant advantage of using huge mirrors on your wall is that they capture and reflect back all the light in the room such that the chamber seems large. Also, if well placed facing each other, they will reflect each other and make each one of them seem too far away, which will result in having a “large” room. However, don’t overdo that trick as it might leave an odd feeling of seeing your reflection in almost each place you look at in the bathroom.

  1.  Make use of professional services:

Hiring a professional bathroom renovator is one of your solutions, and should sum up your renovation preparation if you want to have good results. One thing about professionals is that they have worked in the field for a good amount of time, and therefore they have the required experience to wonderfully renovate your room.


Finally, you will have to carry out some research for the best products and professionals you can get out there. Do not make rash conclusions just because you have chosen to renovate your bathroom. Keep in mind that you will be the one using that room for some time, and therefore you need gradual progress keeping in mind your tastes.