There are thousands of radio shows that are being broadcast every day. Many of them appear on local radio stations around the country. However, the top radio programs are nationally televised and they are normally aired in local markets. Here is a list of the most interesting radio shows that are played around the nation.

The Rush Limbaugh Show


Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh dominates the airwaves with over 22.5 million listeners. This conservative deejay makes his living by discussing politics, challenging liberal ideas and views and by supporting the conservative agenda within America. He has the number one talk radio show in the U.S. and his program has been going strong since 1984.


Morning Edition


National Public Radio or NPR first started Morning Edition in 1979 and over time it has become the second most interesting radio program within United States. This show is a news program that is being played all over the U.S. and it provides up-to-date national and local news where it is broadcast. Morning Edition also has other sister programs such as All Things Considered and Weekend Edition. At least 13 million people tune in everyday to listen to this morning news program.


Sirius XM Radio (Honorable Mention)


Here is the thing about Sirius XM Radio; it is not a radio program but it does have the largest audience in radio. This subscription channel even surpasses Rush Limbaugh numbers. Sirius has a total of 30 million subscribers that tune in for its music services. Many of these individuals listen to Sirius while driving in their vehicles since this program was created for that purpose.

The Sean Hannity Show


Sean Hannity is another conservative talk show host who has been doing talk radio for nearly 30 years. He has at least 13 million listeners. Hannity speaks on conservative issues and endorses a conservative view of politics for his audience. Sean Hannity and Limbaugh are two powerhouse speakers in the world of conservative radio and politics.

American Top 40 (Honorable Mention)


American Top 40 was made popular by DJ Casey Kasem. This is a weekly top 40 music countdown radio program that provides listeners with the current rankings on the latest top 40 songs in the music industry. This program was first aired in 1970 and draws over 20 million listeners every week. Currently, Ryan Seacrest hosts this show.

Other Radio Programs that Fans Consider to be Interesting and Popular


The Adult Contemporary Music program known as Delilah has close to 9 million fans and the financial radio news show “Marketplace” has nearly 9 million fans as well. The Tom Joyner Show is an urban radio broadcast that has a little over 8 million listeners. The Glenbeck Program and the Mark Levin Show has slightly over 7 million listeners for both presentations. They too are conservative talk show hosts.


Elvis Duran and the Morning Show used to be known as The Z Morning Zoo and it has nearly 5 million followers each week. The Country Music Greats Radio Show is a favorite program for well over 3 million fans. All of these programs are considered some of the most interesting and popular radio programs within the United States.